HI-TEC LEO Celebrating Extraordinary Women With Their New Collection

Being a woman on the go could mean a lot of things.

I know life gets busy for most women, whether you’re working a 9 – 5, running your own business or you’re a stay at home mom.

I wake up in the morning, have to go to work, have meetings in between and also run errands.

My normal day includes writing articles in the morning, checking my emails, making sure that all my client deadlines are met and running in the evenings.

This is why I usually rock active wear, it makes it easy for me to move around and sneakers are very comfortable. I can simply go from running errands at the mall to working at the nearest coffee shop.

HI-TEC is celebrating extraordinary women with their latest Hi-TEC LEO Collection. They acknowledge that most women live lives that include juggling multiple roles at once.

This Chameleon-like Lifestyle requires comfy, effortlessly cool active-wear and that’s where the LEO Collection comes in.

“There is no doubt, that brands globally are capitalizing on the women’s market with specific attention being paid to self-ability and self-empowerment”, says Jo Esterhuizen, HI-TEC Marketing Director.

HI-TEC appreciate all these uplifting campaigns, and it is wonderful to see such a global movement.

“The LEO campaigns are not about capturing the hero moments, but the everyday moments. The HI-TEC LEO lady is self-empowered, she is self-confident, but we want her to celebrate the entire package that she is”, says Esterhuizen.

The LEO lady is what HI-TEC call a “Jade of all trades”.

The collection is proudly designed in South Africa and explores how true leisure, street and fitness wear can come together in one piece of clothing.

The soft material embraces the skin below and the bright print sparks the celebration of the strong female spirit. The purple shades are topped off with detailed feminine designs and include several layering items that will have you prepared for any type of weather. HI-TEC believes that every single woman is extraordinary. Whether you’re on your way to school, work, picking up the kids or looking for some exercise, LEO has got your back.

To celebrate YOU, I’m giving away a pair of LEO tights valued at R549.00! To enter, please tell me what makes you an extraordinary woman on the comments below, you have to be following me and HI-TEC both on Twitter and Instagram 🙂

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  1. I am extraordinary because the only person I want to be better is myself. My family means the world to me! I am always ready to lend a hand or ear to my friends and family. Following on twitter and Instagram

  2. what makes me an extraordinary woman is that i’m persistant. i srive to win always. nomatter how many times i fail i get up and and try again.

  3. What makes me an extraordinary woman is that fact I excel in my scientist job, which is very male dominated and I beat those odds. I am also a sister and a daughter, and I have to be available for my family. On top of my many hectic days, I still manage to stay fit and strong!

    1. Congratulations Noxolo, you have won yourself a pair of HI-Tec Leo Tights. Please dm me your contact details and delivery address❤️

  4. What makes me an extraordinary woman is the fact that I am able to juggle a very stressful day at work, which normally demands an hour or two of over time 😫 fit gym in, be able to mother a 3 year old and also connect with my family all in one day. I also use the little spare time I have to fit in a couple of PR for the NPO I work for.

  5. What makes me an extraordinary woman is that I don’t back down from what I want, I go in headstrong with a lot of focus. With the amount of support I get from my family and friends it’s impossible for me not to be extraordinary. I give even when I don’t have much to give, sharing is something I was taught at a young age and still carry it with me. I’m extraordinary because I am me, a beautiful (inside & out) intelligent black woman who doesn’t back down

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