Happy Thursday!

I hope you’ve had a productive week. Mine has been full of ups and downs but thank God it’s Friday tomorrow.

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If you remember correctly black girls in the previous years have been complaining a lot about “nude” colours in clothes or even shoes. Especially dark skinned girls. Why call it nude when it doesn’t match my skin colour?

Well I recently went to photo shoot to get clothes for my collaboration with my favourite Durban creatives (@Bhekiblackwonder) who’s a photographer and Nonto Shezi (@shezinonto)

I was a bit shocked when I got to the store and they had nude active wear that looked exactly like the colour of my skin. Many people would not understand how important this is for me.

I love active wear and I even wear it on days when I’m not going to gym. There were a lot of different styles which makes it hard to choose your favourite one. I like how the tights define my body and my favourite thing about the bra is I can wear it with any outfit.

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My long sleeve top is for cold days. I know it’s crazy but I have been contemplating wearing this outfit at gym as it’s my favourite outfit right now and I don’t want it to get dirty. The universe luckily listened and I was invited by Shield to The Fit Night Out Joburg at MonteCasino on Saturday the 18th of August. That’s exactly where I will be allowed to wear my outfit for the whole day and not feel bad about it. The #FNO is a Women’s Health workout party where you meet all the fitness enthusiasts.

I will be live on Insta during the workouts and I will also take a lot of pictures so stay tuned to my social media pages. My workout outfit will definitely be from Cotton On Body.

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