Taking care of your natural hair may be seen as tough but finding the right products and understanding your hair may be the best thing for you.

My story with my 4c hair goes a long way back. My mother never wanted me to relax my hair. I did once but the relaxer burnt my scalp and that’s when she decided that she wasn’t going to put me under that “torture” again.

I have started using As I Am Africa products which are very good to my hair because they make it easy for me to maintain it.

The most important thing is to cleanse your hair. I understand that I have very dry hair and washing it all the time causes it to lose its natural moisture, that’s why I cleanse it at least once after two weeks, using As I Am Naturally Cleansing Pudding.

Deep conditioning is very important so I section my hair to 4 while it’s still wet and apply the Hydration Elation, put on a shower cap and wait for 30 minutes before rinsing it off and detangling using a wide tooth comb.

I then apply the Leave-in Conditioner from root to tip..After applying the Leave-in Conditioner I apply the Twist Defining Cream. Then proceed to style. Taking care of 4c hair is not very easy but you have to use the right products and be consistent. In winter you can do protective hairstyles like braids but don’t forget to moisturize your hair even when you are braided. As I Am Naturally has an amazing Moisture Milk. All these products are available at select Clicks Stores.