There have been a lot of articles that have been written about how you can use Social Media to “positively” impact your life. From attracting your dream job, “shooting your shot” and making new friends. However, this is not one of them.

In this digital age, it makes sense that social media is our drug of choice. When you wake up in the morning before even brushing your teeth, you check your notifications. Yes, I know you do. You also stalk your crush or ex to see if they have a partner or whether they’re happy in their relationships.

Social media has changed my life and I hope it has also changed yours for the better. I got my first job via Facebook when I sent an inbox to Netball SA to ask if they were looking to hire. I later got nominated for a Gsports Award for the work that I did for them. Fast forward to 2019, I got my deal with Shield because of my posts and love for football development.

I’ll never advise anyone to use social media wisely. I have seen people writing articles about that because you may possibly lose a potential investor because of your posts, which is true. However, we are adults. If your potential employer decides not to hire you because of your misogynistic, rape apologist posts then great. No one wants to work with an abuse apologist anyways so thank you for exposing yourself.

If they choose not to work with you because you pop bottles every second day, great again. Do you know how stressful it is to work with an unreliable person? You will be preparing for a huge pitch with a very important client then your business partner will come with excuses on how they can’t make it. Not because they’re sick which is something you can’t control but because they’re hungover.

A lot of people complain that as an influencer you sometimes can’t post certain things because you may chase away brands. Listen, if a brand can’t work with you because you’re an activist then they’re not part of your tribe. I use my social media at times to fight against injustice. Not once has anyone from the brands that I work with reprimanded me. They understand who I am and what I stand for.

Social media can bring a lot of great opportunities in our lives. If you’re sad because someone younger than you brought your dream car before you then look within. We tend to blame social media for a lot of things without looking at ourselves. If you cheat because it’s easier to do it in the “DM” trust me you were also going to find a way to get a pigeon to send a letter to that person if Twitter wasn’t there.

This week, I hope you tweet positive things about other people. I hope seeing your peer having achieved more than what you feel you have, inspires you to keep working hard. I also hope you finally receive that life changing email because your tweets aligned you with your potential employer/investor.