Remember your first day at school? When you saw a lot of your peers in one place for the first time. You were overwhelmed but mostly excited about the possibility of making new friends. Making friends at that time was just about the next kid looking at you with a smile and introducing themselves or vice versa then boom you’ve got a new bestfriend that you can’t wait to tell your family about.

Fast-forward your first day in varsity. At that age most of us were excited about the freedom we got from being away from home and we didn’t even stress about who we were going to be friends with until we got to campus and we started talking to the person in front or behind you in the que during registration.

The funny thing about these experiences is that we weren’t anxious about them. We weren’t overthinking what could possibly go wrong. Things changed when we started focusing more on our mistakes instead of learning from them and moving on. Remember how when you make a mistake during your presentation in class you would be anxious about your next presentation that you end up almost making the same mistake twice.

I am a writer and I am also not afraid to do public speaking, however for the past few years I double or triple check my articles no matter how good they are because of that one person who criticized it. I am a good writer, I know that but trust me I have days where I think maybe I shouldn’t be writing. I am also very good in public speaking but because I went to a school where English was our second language, I get very anxious when I have to do public speaking in English. I am very fluent and I remember listening to an interview I did on Radio 702, I was shocked at how good my command in English is.

I know I’m great, just like you who is reading this post know that you are. One thing that kills me at times is imagine if we lived our lives with no fear, knowing very well that we can achieve everything we work for under the sun. I sometimes look at my accomplishments and smile because of how amazing and inspiring my work ethic is. I also know that I would be far ahead in life if I believed more in my greatness.

From today, I challenge us to believe in ourselves, to work hard, rest if we need to and not let bad days fool us in to thinking we don’t have a great life. We are already halfway to where we want to be, we are attracting life changing opportunities and the universe is working in our favour.