InTroduciNg the new acer spin 3

Hey everyone. I know it’s been a while, 2020 was just being that year and I chose to focus more on Nozibusiso Foundation and content creation via social media. Luckily for me, a few weeks ago Acer Africa gifted me with the New Acer Spin 3 to test out for a few weeks.

It couldn’t have came at the right time because of how busy I have been with managing Msaki, running the Foundation, working with Siyafunda and also working on my personal brand.

My first favorite about this laptop is that it has 720 webcam, meaning that it has good picture/video quality for Zoom calls which I get on almost everyday because that’s our new normal.

The spin 3 also can be flipped from laptop to tablet, while using it as a tablet it automatically gets on the touch screen mode. Siyafunda as an organization that builds libraries in rural schools has partnered with Brooklyn mall in selling books at the mall. When I went to help out with book selling, the fact that spin 3 is portable came in handy. I was working on my laptop half the time, while also interacting with customers and potential funders.

Another nice thing about this laptop, especially for someone like me who is always out and about working is that the battery life lasts up to 12 hours. You can imagine how helpful this is, especially because I was up and down organizing Msaki’s concert with The Artivist.

Also, I’m an old writer, well I call myself that. “Old writers” are the type of people who write notes first before actually writing an article. The spin 3 comes with  an Acer Active Stylus, which you can use to write notes and for my Fine Artists friends, you can use it to draw or paint.

It also comes with front facing speakers, which are very convenient movie/binge watching a series type of night. The sound is clear and the laptop has a nice cooling technology, which means the temperature doesn’t go up no matter how long the movie is.