Shield Aiming To Develop Football Coaches Across The Country

It is rare to see cooperate companies investing in football development. However, Shield has changed the game with their Shield Sibonis’ iDiski campaign. On Wednesday the 17th of April I attended a Shield Roundtable discussion at the Nike Football Training Centre in Soweto where we tackled issues around football development in the country.

My biggest concern has always been around coaches in the townships and rural areas. They dedicate their lives to mentoring children, not only to be one of the best football players but to be influential citizens in our country. However, it gets hard for them since they do not get paid for what they do, so they end up looking for a full time job thus neglecting their calling of moulding young talent.

I have seen this in my own family, my big brother has been coaching kids in our village for more than 10 years. The kids he has trained have turned out to be well disciplined and respectful adults. He struggled with maintaining his life and ended up looking for a full time job. He still trains them after work but he always complains about being tired and that when you are training children you need to be fully present in the moment. I have raised my concerns about development coaches both on Social Media and at Roundtable.

I’m delighted to share with you that Shield has launched an initiative for development coaches called Coaching The Coach. This aims to groom and train the coaches with the necessary skills they need to develop players. Shield is not just changing young footballers lives but they are aiming to have an impact in football development as a whole.

This year they have 10 regions for trials in which players need to bring their ID’s in order to be scouted. 3 players stand a chance to win a lifetime opportunity to train with Chelsea for a week.

If more big companies would follow suits on what Shield is doing, I am sure that a lot of young people will be interested in turning their passion into a career.

Follow @shield_za for more information on their trials or go their website:

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HI-TEC LEO Celebrating Extraordinary Women With Their New Collection

Being a woman on the go could mean a lot of things.

I know life gets busy for most women, whether you’re working a 9 – 5, running your own business or you’re a stay at home mom.

I wake up in the morning, have to go to work, have meetings in between and also run errands.

My normal day includes writing articles in the morning, checking my emails, making sure that all my client deadlines are met and running in the evenings.

This is why I usually rock active wear, it makes it easy for me to move around and sneakers are very comfortable. I can simply go from running errands at the mall to working at the nearest coffee shop.

HI-TEC is celebrating extraordinary women with their latest Hi-TEC LEO Collection. They acknowledge that most women live lives that include juggling multiple roles at once.

This Chameleon-like Lifestyle requires comfy, effortlessly cool active-wear and that’s where the LEO Collection comes in.

“There is no doubt, that brands globally are capitalizing on the women’s market with specific attention being paid to self-ability and self-empowerment”, says Jo Esterhuizen, HI-TEC Marketing Director.

HI-TEC appreciate all these uplifting campaigns, and it is wonderful to see such a global movement.

“The LEO campaigns are not about capturing the hero moments, but the everyday moments. The HI-TEC LEO lady is self-empowered, she is self-confident, but we want her to celebrate the entire package that she is”, says Esterhuizen.

The LEO lady is what HI-TEC call a “Jade of all trades”.

The collection is proudly designed in South Africa and explores how true leisure, street and fitness wear can come together in one piece of clothing.

The soft material embraces the skin below and the bright print sparks the celebration of the strong female spirit. The purple shades are topped off with detailed feminine designs and include several layering items that will have you prepared for any type of weather. HI-TEC believes that every single woman is extraordinary. Whether you’re on your way to school, work, picking up the kids or looking for some exercise, LEO has got your back.

To celebrate YOU, I’m giving away a pair of LEO tights valued at R549.00! To enter, please tell me what makes you an extraordinary woman on the comments below, you have to be following me and HI-TEC both on Twitter and Instagram 🙂

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When Life Gets Blurry Adjust Your Focus

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Last year in October I resigned from my previous job. It was both a professional and personal decision.

On a professional front I felt like I wasn’t growing and I needed more. I have always wanted to be a sports journalist but my job had nothing to do with sports or journalism.

I sat myself down and started thinking about what I wanted to be in the next two years. That’s when I realized that journalism was more than just a career for me, it’s my calling.

I was called into this world to change people’s lives whether through my writing or through sports and education.

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After resigning, I started freelancing as a Sports Journalist. Freelancing is no child’s play as you are never sure whether the client will pay on time or not. The last three months of 2018 were hell.

I decided to move back home in December. Not permanently but I needed to spend some time with my loved ones and reflect on what went wrong.

The energy at home is beautiful, so you kind of regain your strength. I convinced my big sister to start jogging with me since she was complaining about her weight gain but not doing anything about it.

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I then decided to start writing again. The first article I wrote was for Gareth Marshall’s website, where I was talking about how we need to adopt the mind of an athlete when it comes to business.

A few weeks after that I got a call from Shield South Africa and they wanted to partner with me for this year’s Shield Sibonis’ iDiski Campaign.

I did write about the campaign last year on my old website and promoted it on my social media pages for free. I did it pro bono because firstly football development is my passion. I also wanted to get to know more about Shield as a brand and how they work. Exposure is not so bad if you align yourself with the right brand. You always have to ask yourself if the Partnership between you and the brand will benefit either of you in the right way, it was easy for me to do it with Shield since they are about football development and fitness, which is basically what I am about as well.

I have also had two of my articles published by Kick Off Magazine on their website. The first one was with the former Banyana Banyana player Simphiwe Dludlu, who is now the National Under-17 women’s team coach and the second one was with the Banyana Banyana Head Coach, Desiree Ellis.

I did all this while working from my grandmother’s couch using my phone to write, do my research and send emails. I am not always inspired to write but I push myself to write almost everyday because I want to be one of the best sports journalists in the world. Do no wait for inspiration to hit you, do not wait for the right moment, don’t wait for circumstances to change. I achieved so much in “rock bottom” than I ever did in an air conditioned office with a Mac Book.

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Pictures were shot by: @bhekimthembu_

Makeup done by: @maxmnguni

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My Skin Care Journey With Skin Renewal

Happy Monday!

What an amazing weekend at home, I needed to take a break from the city and just relax with my loved ones. I got a lot of compliments back home regarding my skin. I have had acne for 10 years and last month I decided to take the first step and meet with Dr Mareen Allem at Skin Renewal in Morningside.

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She put me on two facial products and a night cream which I use everyday and has to stop 3 days before my treatment.

I went to the clinic last week on Thursday for my first treatment. I first did The Azelan Chemical peel which takes about 3 minutes. It helps the skin by lifting off dead cells. My skin was still peeling 4 days after the treatment but my therapist suggested that I don’t touch my face so that it will stop scaring.

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The second treatment was Carboxytherapy which is known as “Carboxy”. This is when they inject carbon Dioxide just underneath your skin which helps with stimulating circulation and collagen production which improves the appearance of your skin. Injecting Carbon Dioxide also makes your body think there oxygen deficit and it responds with increasing the blood flow. This treatment takes about 10 minutes.

The last procedure was The Laser Genesis which takes about 15 minutes. This procedure has been proven to produce new collagen. This procedure also helps with improving results for skin problems such as deep wrinkles, acne and superficial scarring.

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One thing I like about all these treatments/procedures is that they do not have any side effects. I just have to use a face balm for 5 days after the treatments and stop using my face products 3 days before my treatments. If you have noticed most of these procedures mostly help with producing new collagen. Collagen is found in muscles, bones, skin, blood vessels, digestive system and tendons. It’s helps give our skin strength and elasticity, along with replacing dead skin cells.

It also helps with improving the health of our skin and hair.

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Lucas Radebe’s Partnership with Jawitz Property

I was lucky enough to have a sit down with Bafana Bafana legend Lucas Radebe and he spoke to me about his collaboration with Jawitz Properties, what makes a house a home, his son’s football career and how he managed to stay relevant even after hanging his boots.

Why did you decide to collaborate with Jawitz Properties?

Jawitz Properties and I, we have a history. I bought my home from them back in 1999 and it was such a good experience. Buying and selling can be a daunting prospect, but if you’re looking for someone to genuinely partner with you every step of the way, Jawitz is the real deal. I also really liked the authenticity of this campaign, it’s all about what home means to real people: people like you and me. It was good to team up with them again.

How important is it for South Africans especially from the townships to learn about investing in property?

It is one of the most important things. Historically, people from the townships did not have the best opportunities, but that’s all changing now. The sad thing is that you will still see a fancy car parked outside a match box house. People need more help and guidance managing their money, and making it work harder for them.

What makes a house a home for you?

I have lived in many houses in my lifetime. From Diepkloof, Zone 4 to Bophuthatswana, all the way to Elland Road in Leeds… and the thing that makes a house a home for me is knowing you’re sharing a space with the people you love. It’s the support, the memories you make together, that love and passion. Oh, and of course the smell of home cooking. That’s a big one.

At what age did you buy your first house? (I couldn’t find anything on this.)

It was just after I turned 26 and I needed somewhere to start my own family. I saw this house in Morningside and I said “that’s the one!” So I made an offer and they accepted. I was in that house for 10 years and I still think about it sometimes. A home full of happy memories really stays with you forever.

Do you think investing in property is more important than buying a car cash? What’s your take on that?

This is a tough one. On one hand, generally, property will continue to grow in value over time and be worth more than what you paid for it when you decide to sell, while a car is a depreciating asset. That said, a car will help you get around, which may make it easier to get a better job and more money. My advice would be to buy the cheapest, most reliable car you can find and then put the rest down to save for a deposit on a house. Property is an investment, a car is not.

You’re obviously a family man, known for loving his kids. Your son is a footballer now – do you see him blowing up like how you did?

He definitely has the football genes and he works hard, so yes, I can see him following in my footsteps. The only thing I keep telling him is that football is not a long career. When you get a chance, make the best of it, because you can live much longer than your career. As long as continues on this path with respect, commitment and humility, I will support his decisions.

You are not only a legend in SA, even in Leeds they praise you, what’s your take on that?

I worked hard to get where I am, and it took a lot of dedication and determination. I made many sacrifices. I think it’s that work ethic that people look up to and admire. I like to think of myself as an example of what people can achieve when they put their minds to it. And I must say, it feels really great when people appreciate you while you’re still alive.

You’ve managed to stay relevant despite hanging your boots, what’s your secret?

I think it comes down to the way you behave, and how you respect people – young or old. I will be forever grateful for the opportunities I received during my life, and now I am dedicating my time to helping others, especially children, build their success. As a retired footballer, I feel like I have a duty to pass on the lessons I have learnt. I will continue with passion and a positive attitude, using my God given gifts for good.

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Investec Soccer League crowns Dr. Beyers Naude as champions

On 15 September 2018 I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the 10th annual Investec Soccer League final match. What an enthralling encounter it was, after the match Dr. Bayers Naude were crowned champions of this development league which kicked off on 09 May 2018, for their prowess they took a whooping R250 000 prize money.

South African Football legends Brian Baloyi and Stanton ‘Stiga’ Fredericks are both ambassadors of this amazing initiative.

I had a chat with the latter and he shed some light on what it means for him to be part of this initiative.

“Firstly as an ex-professional soccer player I get excited when I hear school sports because that is where everything started for me. I was playing Football at school then later represented my province and that is where I got identified,” said Fredericks.

Speaking on the importance of education, Fredericks added that the amazing thing about this tournament is that schools are identified through Maths and Physics which means this league does not only promote football but academics as well.

Talking about mentorship, Stiga emphasizes that it is important for young children to have a mentor. “It is very important for children to have someone to look up to, who reminds them of what success looks like. Me and Brian Baloyi are that to these upcoming soccer players. We are trying to build confidence in them and thanks to Investec for that opportunity,” he added.

He also encouraged parents to let their children play sports in school. 

“Sports is so beneficial to a young person because it teaches you so much aspects of success. It’s about social elements like how do you make friends, how do you behave in a group, do you take instructions well? Are you disciplined enough to attend trainings? Are you encouraging? So sports is just so massive in a young person’s development.” He concluded.

All in all, the tournament was a success and a lot of young people got the opportunity to showcase their talent. When it comes to sports and academics, I can safely say that the future looks bright for our country.

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Spring Shopping At Cotton On

Happy Monday! I don’t know about you but it seems like we have been waiting for Spring since forever. It’s finally here though which is good on our end.

With the flowers blossoming and the sun shining brightly, I thought it would be wise for me to join in on the fun and try to find something that will also make me shine! So what’s better than visiting the only people who know how to make people shine, and in the process I also found my new favourite colour.

I know, I know I am too old to be getting new favourite colours but I’m dark skinned so I never thought yellow will ever look good on me. Which is why I was also amazed it could look good on me, that of course was until about three weeks ago when I went to Cotton On in Rosebank and found the Soho T-shirt.

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Oh, another exciting thing about spring is that we get to wear our shorts again. I really fell in love with this high-waisted short also from Cotton On, I like the leopard print details on the sides. The checked shirt I got from the men’s section. I’m 100% sure that it doesn’t come as a surprise to most of you that I took a shirt from the men’s section since I’ve always been a Tom boy. The socks finish off the look nicely because of the yellow stripes as well.

Furthermore, on top of the great clothes that I always find at Cotton On, one thing that keeps me going back to their stores is the feeling I get whenever I walk through the door. It feels more like a homecoming in a way. Having spoken to some of the customers there, they pretty much feel the same too. It’s a place where people of all shapes and sizes, personalities and backgrounds are welcome.

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Fit Night Out With Shield

Happy Thursday!

I hope you’ve had a productive week. Mine has been full of ups and downs but thank God it’s Friday tomorrow.

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If you remember correctly black girls in the previous years have been complaining a lot about “nude” colours in clothes or even shoes. Especially dark skinned girls. Why call it nude when it doesn’t match my skin colour?

Well I recently went to photo shoot to get clothes for my collaboration with my favourite Durban creatives (@Bhekiblackwonder) who’s a photographer and Nonto Shezi (@shezinonto)

I was a bit shocked when I got to the store and they had nude active wear that looked exactly like the colour of my skin. Many people would not understand how important this is for me.

I love active wear and I even wear it on days when I’m not going to gym. There were a lot of different styles which makes it hard to choose your favourite one. I like how the tights define my body and my favourite thing about the bra is I can wear it with any outfit.

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My long sleeve top is for cold days. I know it’s crazy but I have been contemplating wearing this outfit at gym as it’s my favourite outfit right now and I don’t want it to get dirty. The universe luckily listened and I was invited by Shield to The Fit Night Out Joburg at MonteCasino on Saturday the 18th of August. That’s exactly where I will be allowed to wear my outfit for the whole day and not feel bad about it. The #FNO is a Women’s Health workout party where you meet all the fitness enthusiasts.

I will be live on Insta during the workouts and I will also take a lot of pictures so stay tuned to my social media pages. My workout outfit will definitely be from Cotton On Body.

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